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What is NSIC & its functions in daily used ceramics & metallurgy industries

NSIC which is the short name of nitride bonded silicon carbide and it's also called Si3N4-SiC. NSIC is two times fired, one in vaccum furnace & then put into oxidation furnace. The surface of NSIC is with mirror-glass appearance. 


The shaped products include plates, setters, slabs, beams, tubes, supports & other customized shapes that made of silp-casting method. The thickness of NSIC plates & setters is about 5-8mm with very high strength & good performance of anti thermal shock. NSIC is widely used as kiln furniture because it's light & thin and can save space & energy & get ride of the total weight of kiln car. And most important the working life of NSIC is much longer than other materials. So, even though the unit price is higher than tradional materials, the total cost performance is much better. That's why NSIC is getting more & more popular for sanitaryware & tableware.


And NSIC is also widely used in metallurgy industry which shared the same function with pure silicon nitride-Si3N4 ceramic products. The shaped products are thermocouple protection tubes, riser tubes for low pressure die casting application, electric heating protective tubes, saggers & crucibles and other customized shapes. 


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