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Whats RSIC & its applications in technical ceramic industries

RSiC also as Re-SiC is the short name of recrystallized silicon carbide which is a new material for high temperature applications. The apperance of RSIC is gray with crystal light shining under sunlight which makes it very easy to be identified among all the SiC ceramic materials.


The content of RSIC is >99%-almost pure SiC. The bulk density is about 2.7 g/cm3 and porosity ≤17%. RSIC can be made into different shapes with slip-casting method. The green bodies will be put into vaccum furnace & fire upto 2200-2400℃. And the finished RSIC ceramic products can stand working temperature 1650-1700℃. And the performance is the best in this temperature ranges. 


The shaped products of RSIC include plates, tube, beams, saggers/crucibles, burner nozzles, pins, seal rings & any other customized shapes that can be made by slip-casting method. RSIC plates can be square, round, with holes, rims etc. The max dimension is wideness 600mm & length 1500mm with thickness from 3mm to 15mm. So it's very thin & light than other materials. Tubes & Beams have different dimensions too & length max 2600mm. 


RSIC ceramic products are widely used in high temperature industries especially technical ceramic as kiln furniture. Industrial ceramics include alumina & zirconia ceramics, DPF, mullite cordierite foam, porous ceramics, ceramic filters etc and ITO target loading, magnetic materials, electrical ceramics etc. 


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