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We thanks to our Russian & Australian customer to give very positive feedbacks of our kiln shelves

This winter, we got very positive feedbacks from our Russian & Australian customers who are big dealers of kilns, kiln furnitures and porcelain & pottery supplies. Their customers gave good reports about our kiln shelves & we believe there will be much more chances for all of us in the future. 

350litre inside.jpg

Our commonly applied kiln shelves include advanced NSiC, Oxide Bonded SiC & Cordierite Mullite Plates. Different sizes are available. And we're happy to do customized shapes if you can provide drawings. 

Surely, we're able to supply beams & supports of different lengths & sizes, customized parts & kiln furniture etc. 

Kiln furniture products are our main part of business. We welcome you to contact us & we're happy to provide a price. 

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